Supervisory Staff, Specialists and Bunk Staff

Smiling Girls.No matter how good the facility, no camp can be successful unless it has the very best in staff. Since its founding and throughout the 46 years of its successful history, Southampton Summer Day Camp has always maintained the highest standards in its staff selection process. We allow only hand picked individuals who demonstrate leadership, responsibility and a genuine love for children to be a part of our staff. A majority of senior staff and all of our younger assistants are former campers at Southampton. We are very proud of the spirit, compassion and enthusiasm for camp traditions shown by the SSDC staff towards our camp community these past 46 years.

Every staff member attends pre camp training sessions to address a myriad of safety and policy issues. Staff members whose positions warrant certification such as Water Safety Instructors, Lifeguards and Outdoor Challenge Crew are kept current. Staff 18 years and older submit state clearances, including an FBI fingerprint certification.